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Information Technology Training

The Office of Information Technology is pleased to offer training sessions upon request. Please review the list of training session subjects which can be scheduled as needed.

Please complete the online request form to request training: Request Form. Email any questions about training to:


TCNJ is providing a pilot program to this resource: From January 13 through April 11, 2014,
all TCNJ faculty, staff, and students will have access to over 2,000 videos, and more than
111,000 documents covering software on almost every imaginable topic.
Simply visit the above link, and log in using your usual TCNJ username & password

QualtricsQualtrics Webinar Training!

Qualtrics is a sophisticated web-based survey tool that is used to create surveys and forms

Create surveys to obtain usable feedback, generate/determine interest,
track information, nominate committee members and so much more!

Learn the basics or become an expert!

Click here to learn more!